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Top Criminal Defense Attorney in New York City

A top criminal defense attorney is the only protection that a New York citizen has against the relentless machine of the criminal justice system. After an arrest, the judge and prosecutor (and often a public defender) will pressure a defendant during a series of court dates into pleading guilty regardless of whether he or she is, in fact, guilty.

Sadly, too many people arrested in New York end up pleading guilty under the advice of a public defender because they do not know how to find a top criminal attorney with reasonable legal fees. Most people later regret this decision. A criminal conviction, even for a misdemeanor, can result in a number of negative consequences and a lifelong criminal record that anyone can discover with a simple internet search on a smartphone!

New York does not allow for an expunged criminal record—not even for misdemeanors! A criminal conviction can cause problems with employment, housing applications, and routine background checks. Because the court system is designed to pressure a defendant into a fast guilty plea, the only way to raise a serious defense is to hire an experienced criminal attorney. (Sometimes, an appellate attorney can provide a second chance, although an appeal often costs more than a trial, and it usually has a lower chance of success.)

The Law Office of Adam Bevelacqua provides a top criminal defense with reasonable legal fees. I have protected clients from life sentences, class A felony charges, and sex offender registration. I am one of a fraction of lawyers to argue a major criminal case before the Court of Appeals, the highest court in New York.

How to Hire a Criminal Attorney for Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, Nassau County, and Suffolk County

Most people have no previous experience with hiring a criminal defense attorney. Or they wait too long before retaining an attorney. Many people do not understand the urgent need for a professional criminal defense until after their case has languished for many months without the public defender taking any action. A number of my clients have woken up to the reality of needing an experienced criminal attorney after the judge, prosecutor, and second-rate lawyer all try to pressure them into pleading guilty -- month after month, court date after court date -- without ever investigating the circumstances of what happened!

Unfortunately, by the time many defendants (or their families) call my office for help, so much damage already has been done. A person should not gamble with his future! In a criminal case, too much is at stake. And the system rarely allows for second chances.

The Law Office of Adam Bevelacqua offers a free consultation so that a prospective client understands the best defense for his case and the cost of legal representation. If a client waits too long before hiring a criminal attorney, the best opportunities for a low bail or a fast dismissal will vanish.

The reality of the American legal system is the same as the reality of life: you get what you pay for. A person who hires an experienced criminal attorney to provide a strong defense on Day One can avoid the full severity of the criminal justice system. When a person fails to take a criminal case seriously for many months – i.e. a person who lets a public defender or some other second-rate lawyer “kick the can down the road” – he will face a much greater likelihood of a conviction.

The Law Office of Adam Bevelacqua represents clients in all types of criminal cases, even violations and misdemeanors. For more information about my experience, see Attorney Profile.

The Best Criminal Defense with Reasonable Legal Fees

The world of criminal defense has changed. Technology now allows a criminal defense attorney to work alone or within small partnerships to offer the same services as an expensive law firm but at a fraction of the cost. Also, the client can pay the attorney for services rendered with predetermined flat rates that are based on the seriousness of the offense and the amount of work needed to win (no more “hourly rates” or surprise legal bills).

Different attorneys run different types of practices. Older attorneys tend to charge more money because their practices cost more money to operate. Older New York law firms employ secretaries, accountants, bill collectors, private investigators, legal researchers, legal associates, junior partners, and senior partners. Also, these law firms pay for huge amounts of office space in the most expensive city in America! As a result, the clients pay large retainer fees no matter what just to pay for the basic operating costs of the law firm. These expenses are inefficient, and they do not help the client.

Older attorneys often have a lot of experience, but they also tend to be set in their ways. Many of these criminal attorneys can provide a competent defense, but they charge more than they should because they don’t keep up with changes in technology. Also, many of them do not use the most efficient legal strategies.

For a younger attorney, such as myself, current technology allows me to operate a completely independent law practice. I only hire investigators and expert witnesses if it is necessary for a particular case. A client only pays for services rendered. Think of it this way: A hospital patient should not pay for a team of heart surgeons if he only needs a few stitches.

Simply waiting for things to get better will only make things worse. Yet, too many people do just that: nothing.

Contact the Law Office of Adam Bevelacqua at (917) 656 - 7076 or bevelacqualaw@gmail.com and speak to a criminal defense attorney immediately. I handle criminal defense in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island. In more serious matters, I handle cases is Nassau County and Suffolk County. I also have been hired as special “of counsel” for appeals and sex offense matters elsewhere in New York State.

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